Eterna has increased its exports of oranges to Spain


    This year, Eterna has increased its exports of oranges.  A record 20 thousand tons were shipped to Spain. In general, Egypt was able to lead the list of orange exporters to Spain for the first time, overtaking its competitors both in Europe (Portugal, the Netherlands, France, etc.) and in the Southern Hemisphere (Argentina, South Africa, etc.). Until last season, Portugal held the palm almost constantly, but in November-October, Portuguese exports to the Spanish market were more than half as much as Egyptian exports: 40 thousand tons against 97.5 thousand tons.

   Mohamed El Sayed Hussein, Director of Eterna, says that the company managed to export almost 7 thousand tons of oranges to Spain in October alone. Mohamed El Sayed Hussein explains this success by the fact that in Spain, which produces more than half of all oranges in the EU, the harvest last season decreased by 23% to 2.9 million tons. While in Egypt, orange production increased.

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