11.5% - 12500 EGP (02.07)

Wheat is the oldest grain crop. It began to be cultivated about 10 thousand years ago. Wheat grows in various soil and climatic conditions and is widespread in all parts of the globe.By type of production, wheat is divided into spring wheat and winter wheat.

All varieties of wheat cultivated on the globe are mainly related to two botanical species: soft wheat and hard wheat. These two types of wheat differ in chemical composition and biochemical properties of grain, and in terms of technological qualities.

Feed wheat
Feed wheat is widely used in livestock production According to its energy and nutritional value, feed wheat is second only to corn. Fed wheat is used as a basis for the preparation of mixed fodders. In the composition of feed wheat there are enough useful microelements that affect positively the growth and development of farm animals.

The protein promotes the growth of young animals, since it has a high caloric value. Experienced breeders advise fodder grain of wheat with a high level of cellulose to feed cattle and horses, and use varieties with a small amount of cellulose in feeding poultry and pigs